Sports Conditioning

ATHLETEX SPORTS SPECIFIC CONDITIONING is a biomechanical / neuromuscular approach to training that targets the characteristics needed to improve athletic performance and discourage injury.

AS MORE AND MORE ATHLETES begin to compete at higher and higher levels, conditioning the body and extremities for the increase in forces they will experience allows them to demonstrate techniques more efficiently and resist injury. More and more younger athletes are specializing in sports and partaking in more intensive training. The end result is an epidemic of overuse and joint injuries that were typically seen in older athletes or
industrial workers in the past.

TWO-THIRDS of all Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries occur during non-contact situations such as landing from a jump, twisting, or turning. Serious knee injuries occur two to ten times more frequently in female athletes than male athletes. Sport Specific Conditioning provides athletes with improved strength, flexibility, endurance.

COORDINATION, BALANCE, AGILITY, SPEED, AND REACTION TIME. These, in conjuction with neuromuscular development, provide a foundation for more efficient movement, better skill development, and injury prevention.

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