Injury Prevention

Why is it important?

Young Athletes are expected to play more and more games every year. Coaches are expecting Young Athletes to compete harder and harder. These same coaches believe that conditioning simply means running. Sprints and/ or Laps resolve the problem of conditioning the player. This could not be further from the truth.

Many athletes are never assessed regarding their technique for running, technique for landing , posture during activity, balance , proximal muscle strength/ endurance, flexibility, etc.

Female Athletes, possess structural differences that make them more prone to injury. Most coaches are not even aware of this.

Injuries occur mostly because of overuse or not properly conditioning the Young Athlete to compete. Most of these children possess muscle imbalances that can cause serious problems due to improper training.

Young Athletes break down in the same general areas and once they feel any better , they are expected to be thrown back into playing and competing .

A properly conditioned Young Athlete, makes practices, obtains the maximal benefit of practices, and therefore demonstrates the optimum level of skill taught by the coach. This is proper , preventative medicine.

Orthopedic Experts believe the athletes that compete year round need some time to perform a different activity that breaks up the repetitive nature of their schedule. This does not simply mean, play another sport that exposes them to similar risk.

The Athletex Sports Specific Training Program utilizes concepts from leaders in the field, such as the Santa Monica Sports Medicine Group and the Cincinati Sports Medicine Group.

Addressing these problem areas, while allowing the Young Athletes to train properly and educating them as to why it is important, will not only allow them to gain confidence, but also entitle them to a future of competing at THEIR maximal level of ability.

Best Wishes and Thanks for letting me work with your young men and women.